In addition to my soundtracks and collaboration with various artists, I am also part of several bands and I co-run a small music label.

Mais Para Baixo

Mais Para Baixo is a label of DIY music, lead and curated by Boris Gétaz, Grégoire Fiaux and Riccardo Moro. We release limited editions of self-produced music on tapes. We also aim to organize concerts with the artist that we edit when the pandemic will be over.

Alfonso Bravo Gallo Lento

Alfonso Bravo Gallo Lento is a band duo made up of the musicians Juan Vacas, and Boris Gétaz. Using synthesizers and electric guitar we improvise on canvas inspired by different genres of modern music. Our first cassette has been released on Mais Para Baixo, the second one is on production.

Shavi Lomi

Shavi Lomi is a band duo made up of the musicians Grégoire Fiaux and Boris Gétaz. Our music features haunting keyboard melodies, hypnotic loops, and sound textures that float together in an bath of organised dissonance. It exists on, and challenges the borders of, the intersection of krautrock and ambient trance.