Boris Gétaz is a swiss composer and sound-artist based in London, United Kingdom.
His music his often a mix between acoustic instruments, electronic sounds and concrete sounds processed by analog and digital effects. The idea is often to find new sound timbres, expressing his interest in composers for whom the color of the sound is central, from musique spectrale to ambiant music, or drone.


2014 - 2018 Bachelor / Sound art - Musik und Medienkunst at Hochschule der Künste von Bern (HKB)
2019 - 2021 Master / Sound art at the University of the arts London (UAL)



2014 SPECTRE / Interactive sound installation
2015 Deconstruction / Piece for voice and Live-electronics - voice and electronics by Boris Gétaz, text by Paul Eluard
2015 Silent Weapons for Quiet War / Sound installation
2016 quatuoracorde1.0 / Piece for violon, cello, viola and double bass
2016 Trümmerbedeckt / Piece for a singer and Live-electronics - Sing by Flurina Ruos, electronics by Boris Gétaz and Mathias Smith
2017 Partie1 / Piece for cello, dance and Live-electronics - Cello by Boris Gétaz, dance by Lydia Weyrich
2018 Space, modular, and strings instruments / by Boris Gétaz and Timon Kurz, scripting, electronic and cello by Boris Gétaz, modular and DYI string instruments by Timon Kurz

Theatre / dance soundtrack

2014 HEXA / Audio tale by Elliot Vaucher - Music by Boris Gétaz
2017 Andromaque / by Le Théâtre Comça - Music by Boris Gétaz and Morgan Hug
2018 Projet Gilgamesh / by Boris Gétaz and Matthias Staub - Music by Boris Gétaz
2019 Usure d’espace / dance performance by Clélia Vuille, Marion Geisler, Music by Boris Gétaz

Film Soundtrack

2016 Lost Exile / by Fisnik Maxhuni Prize Cinema et Gioventù - Locarno Film Festival
2017 La Vallée Heureuse / by Fisnik Maxhuni Coups de Coeur / Short Film Corner - Festival de Cannes
2018 Svizcra / Documentary by Fisnik Maxhuni and Benoît Goncerut
2019 The Sleepwalkers / Documentary by Fisnik Maxhuni - in production
2019 Paul torna al villagio / Documentary by Matteo Born

Sound Essay

2019 Wassermusik / Commissioned by Lumpenstation & Espace libre, Biel/Bienne
2020 L’étude du pain / Commissioned by Lumpenstation & Espace libre, Biel/Bienne
2020 MAY VEGETABLES GROW WITH ELECTRICITY / Final master project, University of the Arts London / London College of Communication

Collaboration with visual artists

2017 La grande accélération / Final master project by Léonard de Muralt, Haute École d’Art et de Design - HEAD, Genève
2017 Uréthane / final bachelor project by Marine Giraudeau, École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne - ECAL, Lausanne
2018 L’armoire / installation, displayed in Leonard de Muralt’s exhibition K-rem, Smallville, Neuchâtel
2018 Hidden Feelings / Final master project by Joanne Guiraud, Royal College of Arts, London
2018 Altération / Audio-visual installation, with Mounia Steimer, displayed in the exhibition Artistes d’aujourd’hui, in Alexis Forel Museum, Morges
2018 Feu (ou voyage en deux temps) / Sound installation with Mounia Steimer, Le mat, Neuchâtel


2021 Eau (ou la fragilité d'un voyage) / Commissioned by L’association Les Berges de Vessy, Geneva