Gilgamesh is a play by Boris Gétaz and Matthias Staub, inspired by the epic of Gilgamesh. In a post-apocalyptic future, an immortal cyborg wanders in a desert, looking for traces of civilisation, and trying to understand the cause of the collapse. Facing the technical deficiencies of her own body she meets a supernatural character that conveys the knowledge of another time, letting her facing her death.

A first version of the play has been presented in Bern.

With Vanessa Sindihebura et Gyohey Zaitsu
Direction: Boris Gétaz, Matthias Staub
Music : Boris Gétaz
Text: Elliot Vaucher
Costumes : Aurelia Joly

Usure d'espace

Usure d'Espace is a dance performance by Clelia Vuille and Marion Geisler created for the collective exhibition Traces de passages in Lausanne (Switzerland).


Andromaque is an adaptation of the play Andromaque by Jean Racine. The music is a collaboration with Morgan Hug.

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Hexa is an audio tale written and directed by Elliot Vaucher.