What I call sound essays are audio pieces that mix music, sound and speeches in order to guide a reflexion about different topics. I could also call them radio art, or experimental podcasts


MAY VEGETABLES GROW WITH ELECTRICITY is a sound essay and series of performances that question our relationship to technological progress in the current ecological and climate crisis. Mixing improvised and composed music, excerpts from articles, adverts, interviews and conferences, the work tests the essayistic possibilities of sound and non-narrative voice. Instead, meaning comes from the juxtaposition or superposition of disparate elements already in media circulation.

This essay was the final project of my Master in Sound Arts at the University of the Arts London (London College of Communication)

L'Étude du Pain

L’Étude du Pain is a sonic essay commissioned by Espace Libre (Biel, Switzerland) and Lumpenstation for the podcast collection Close distance: Covidiality.

The starting point was an interrogation about the relation between humans and micro-organisms. This essay approaches subject as diverse as disease, fermentation, hygienism, urbanism and ends up with a headlong rush about the coronavirus outbreak and the media’s, scientific and politic coverage.


Wassermusik is a sonic essay made during a residency at Espace Libre in Biel/Bienne (Switzerland). This essay was originally about the Jura water correction but approaches more broadly the relation between human and nature and the concept of anthropization.