Some collaborations with visual artists

Hidden Feelings

Hidden Feelings is the final project of Joanne Guiraud, student in Jewelry and Metal at the Royal College of Arts, London. The music was first created as a soundtrack for a film presenting the collection but has also been used in fashion shows, including at La Fête du Slip in Lausanne (Switzerland).


Uréthane is the final project of Marine Giraudo, student in visual communication at the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL). The piece is an immersive and surreal virtual reality experience, that presents creations of the Swiss stylist Vanessa Schindler.

The piece was presented at ECAL and at Villa Noailles in Hyères.

Feu, ou voyage en deux temps

Feu, ou voyage en deux temps is a collaboration with the visual artist Mounia Steimer presented for the art space Le Mât in Neuchâtel (Switzerland). Le Mât is a peculiar space. It is a mast in the port of Neuchâtel and artists are commissioned to create a flag for the mast. We decided to add a sonic piece, which consist in a music mixed with excerpts of an interview of a fisherman. The Piece was played by four speakers tied to the mast and playing the music circularly, reminding the light of a lighthouse.